Steele K. Althouse Notary Public

Steele has been a Notary Public since 2009 and partnered up with his mother, Sharon Althouse. Sharon started the business in 1993. Steele started working with Sharon in 2002 as a conveyancer. Email Me

Narissa LeggettConveyancer

Narissa started at our office in 2016 as our receptionist and has now moved her way up to Conveyancing where she handles sales, purchases and refinances.

Carie Geddes Conveyancer

Carie Geddes is our office’s most senior conveyancer with close to 20 years of conveyancing experience. She started working at our office in 2002. Email Me

Kim Lane Conveyancer

Kim Lane started at our office in 2014, where she was trained in Residential Conveyancing. Kim is trained to do sales, purchases and refinances. Email Me

Jessica Pittman Conveyancer

Jessica Pittman started with our firm in 2015 and quickly learned conveyancing. Jessica is trained to do sales, purchases and refinances of residential properties. She is also our computer "go-to girl" and has been recently taking on some subdivision work. Email Me

Sarah Ketch Receptionist

Sarah started at our office in 2017 and is our current receptionist and handles all our Mortgage discharges and strata filings. Email Me

Sharon Althouse Partially Retired

Sharon started the firm of Sharon Althouse Notary Corporation back in 1993 and has only recently retired, well sort of. She still checks in on her son,Steele, every so often and continues to do the books and accounting for the office. Only in the last few years has the firm changed its name to Althouse Notary Corporation. Email Me