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What kind of ID do I need?

We require 2 pieces of valid identification, see our list of acceptable ID

Do you send out notarized documents?

No, we can email you a scanned copy, however we do not offer to mail or courier original documents.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, we book appointments for notarizations to ensure that a notary is in the office and available to meet with you.

 How long do appointments take?

Notarizations typically take 10-15 minutes. More complex notarizations may take up to 30 minutes or more depending on the size and number of documents. Please let us know when booking an appointment so we can book the appropriate length of time for your needs.

Do you help complete documents?

The Notary cannot complete documents for you, their role is to confirm your identity and witness your signature. Please have all necessary information filled in prior to your appointment.

 Can you witness documents from other Provinces?

Yes, we can notarize documents that are prepared by a lawyer or notary in another jurisdiction. The documents should include a letter from the office that prepared the documents, confirming they represent you.

 What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, E-transfer and cheque.

What documents can your office notarize?

  • Certified True Copies (of original ID, Wills, Birth/Death/Marriage Certificate, school transcripts, etc.)
  • Immigration Declaration
  • Child Travel Consent (see more below)
  • Affidavits & Statutory Declarations
  • Medical and Health Licensing Declarations
  • Construction payment declaration
  • Name Change Declarations
  • ICBC Unregistered Vehicle Declaration – cars, boats, boat trailers, ATV (MV1484)
  • Attorney signing – Accepting Power of Attorney
  • Insurance Proof of Loss
  • BC Pharmacare Declaration
  • Letters of Invitation for Foreign Travel
  • Bank Forms
  • Public Guardian and Trustee Declarations
  • Pension declarations
  • Retirement Forms
  • RRSP Withdrawal Forms
  • RCMP Police Record Checks
  • Fingerprint record
  • Timeshare documents
  • Oil and Gas Leases

Do Notaries sign separation agreements?

No, you will have to contact a family law lawyer.

Where do I get a Travel Consent Letter?

Please go to the government of Canada website (below). Please fill in the forms, print it off and make an appointment with our office to sign it. Please note that we will need two pieces of Identification for the parent giving consent for the child to travel. 

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Our Team

Steele Althouse

Steele Althouse - Notary Public


Steele Althouse became a Notary Public in 2009 and was awarded for the highest marks on the real estate exam held by the BC Notary Society. He has worked at Althouse Notary since 2002 when he started working with his mother Sharon Althouse who started the firm in 1993. Sharon has since retired and has handed the office over to her son who is following in her footsteps as the preferred Notary in Nanaimo. Steele is married to his wife Tara and together they have 3 young children to keep them both busy when not working. 

Alana Haliliku

Alana Haliliku - Notary Public


Alana Halaliku completed her Master of Arts in Applied Legal Studies (MAALS) at Simon Fraser University in 2021 and was commissioned as a Notary Public by the Supreme Court of Canada in June 2022. Before this, Alana spent 13 years as a banker with Coastal Community Credit Union (CCCU), with the majority of her career working in the Commercial Division specializing in Real Estate and Development Financing. She was responsible for developing and maintaining commercial business relationships and took pride in helping members achieve financial goals. During her time at CCCU, Alana completed several lending and banking courses including a Business Lending Designation from Dalhousie University and the Credit Union Institute of Canada as well as completed her Bachelor of Business Administration at Vancouver Island University.
Alana enjoys being involved with the community and has previously sat on the board of the Young Professionals of Nanaimo and the Vancouver Island Canadian Home Builder’s Association. As a Notary Public, Alana delivers quality work to her clients while providing a practical approach to legal processes. 

Sharon Althouse

Retired Notary Public

Sharon started the firm of Sharon Althouse Notary Corporation back in 1993 and has only recently retired, well sort of. She still checks
in on the office every so often and continues to do the books and accounting for the office.

Carie Geddes - Conveyancer

Jessica Pittman - Conveyancer

Narissa Leggett - Conveyancer

Sarah Ketch - Conveyancer

Alexandra Larson - Conveyancer

Iryna Galunenko - Receptionist

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Call Us Today: (250) 754-1363 




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